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Apr 7, 2013

Top 5 Gaming News Of The Week

5. Borderlands 2 Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack released
GearBox released the Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack this week. Along with a third playthrough for everyone, a level cap and more rare loot was also released. The pack is $5 unless you have the season pass. I have not gotten to play UVHM much, but more of what In think is to come.

4. TU9 released a day early
4J studios released the much waited for Minecraft 360 a day early this week. The End has arrived along with bug fixes...and new bugs too. 

3. EA COO says We're Not that bad
With EA in the running for "Worst Company in America" again, EA COO Peter Moore is on damage control  and trying to win the CEO job. If I was EA, I hire outside of the company, because the ones running are sure doing a bang up job *cough*

2. New Pokemon Revealed
Last on Pokemon Smash, a Japaneses TV show , A new MewTwo, or MewThree was revealed to the world. The new pokemon will be in the first 3D pokemon games Pokemon X and Y

1. Next Xbox "Always On-Gate" continues with a employee making an ass of himself on twitter 
Rumors of the next xbox requiring a consent internet connection and the debate it sparked goes on, with Microsoft Studio's Creative Director making an ass of himself on twitter. Microsoft apologized  yet gave no official word on always on, which I hope the reconsider seeing how high speed internet is as wide spread as Microsoft thinks it is.

Aug 17, 2011

Redesigned Wii coming but with no Gamecube?

This fall, Nintendo is releasing a new Wii SKU, with a new look (no pics yet) and something missing, No gamecube support. It will not play Gamecube games or have the slots for controllers or memory cards. Does this mean there will be another price drop? Surly it's cheaper to make a wii without gamecube slots. Plus Nintendo needs the money and a cheaper wii could help. The "new" wii comes with wii party and wii sports and comes out in the UK in the fall, with no word on a US release yet. If it does come here, I'll be looking for the older gamecube friendly one.

update: here's the new look wii 


Aug 5, 2011

Back to the drawing board for wii U?

Recently Nintendo withdrew the Wii U out of GamesCom 2011, Europe’s biggest video game convention due to “security concerns”, and many are not buying it. The Wii U will have some effect on how we play games with the Tablet controller, but it’s got a lot of hurdles ton jump if it wants to take on Sony’s and Microsoft’s next gen systems. So why would Nintendo may have to take the Wii u back to the drawing board?

1. The millions of causal game players Nintendo courted with the Wii.

You got to admit it, Wii U is geared toward to the hardcore gamers, and the third parties game developers that Nintendo have always been after. Many of them said they would love to develop games for it (and some that love it and still won’t develop games for it). But if Nintendo courts them, the millions of casual gamers that Nintendo used to make the Wii popular will be alienated, and more likely head to 360/Kinect (or720/kinect) and the PS4 kinect-like controls, so Nintendo need to find a way to include them as well.

2. It’s the economy stupid 
Nintendo’s latest system, the 3DS,  just got a price drop going into effect aug 12th, due to poor sales. Do you really think people are going to pay the projected $400 to $500 for a new system, not to mention the price for one of those controllers? People Don't have the money to pay for a new system now a days, here hoping economy improves in 2012

So what could Nintendo do to make the Wii U more completive? Updated graphics that will compete with the rumored xbox 720’s “it looks like avatar” graphics? A smaller touch screen controller?  Let’s hope Nintendo can come up with something, the failure of the Wii U could possibly mean the end of Nintendo as a console maker


Jul 28, 2011

3DS price drops due too lack luster sales

Nintendo Announced today that they are dropping the price of the Nintendo 3DS from $250 down to $169. The price drop is mainly due to slow sales of the portable console, and lack of hit games. I believe they did to help compete against the PS vita this holiday season, which would be a good move on Nintendo's part. I also do believe the economy had played some part in the 3DS's slow sales


Jul 14, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday Donkey Kong, now go teach that young whipper snapper Mario A lesson or too.

Today (or at least a web sites says) is Donkey Kong's birthday, and he turns the bis 3-0! If it was not for DK, we would never have so many of Nintendo's great games back in the day and now. Let's take a look back at this stupid monkey;s (that what Donkey Kong means in Japan) Video Game Career.

The granddaddy of them all, the one that put Nintendo on the map, Donkey Kong. At some point in your gaming life you have played this, it has been on so many platforms and in other games (like DK 64), there's no way you missed playing it. They even made a documentary about getting the all time high score. As a then named jumpman aka Mario started his "rescuing ladys in pink" carrier, by climbing up beam and ladders while jumping barrels throw by DK. You chase DK though I think 4 levels....then you do it again, but harder each time you do. I think beat DK 2 times before it got too hard for me. Such a great classic game.

Next was Donkey Kong JR,, this time the tables are turned. The evil Mario has captured DK, and it's up to DK JR  (who I believe is the DK of today, just based off of Donkey Kong Country) to save him. You jump from vine to vine working you way up to stop that Mario from hurting your Dad. I have the e-reader version of this, and a unplayed Atari 7800 version too. A variation of DK jr called Donkey Kong JR math was released, and thanks to Animal Crossing, I've played it and do not care for it.

In Donkey Kong 3, the game takes a different approach. As Stanley, you gotta get rid of DK, who's slumming in his greenhouse. To get rid of shooting bug spray up his ass. I played this also, and remember liking it. here's a video showing gameplay and some DK 3  history

DK entered the SNES era in Donkey Kong Country. DK and his little buddy Diddy, must get there bananas back from King K. Rool. You got help along the way by the Kong family and you animal pals. This was Rare's first Nintendo Game and it put them on the map. This was one the 3 games that I got with my SNES and I have fond memories of it. There was 2 sequels, Diddy Kong's quest which I also like, and DK Country 3, which I didn't care for. Donkey Kong Land was the portable version of DK Country, it also had 3 releases.

Ahh Diddy Kong Racing, I was obsessed with this game. I maintain till this very day that it was better than Mario Kart 64. Car, Planes, and hovercrafts were the vehicles of choice. And an open environment, great race tracks, and boss battles. The N64 version has banjo and a pre-mature ratted Conker. I REALLLLLLYYY need to the DS version someday. 

Donkey Kong 64 was the first game I got on day 1, mainly for the N64 memory update. Like Super Mario 64, it was a 3d adventure game. I don't remember much of the story, or the characters, except the little girl kong was Dixie's sister. I do know it has the original Donkey Kong it it and Rare's jetpac, both I played a lot of. 
The Donkey Konga be honest i never gave a shit about them. They never interested me one bit. The did pre-date guitar hero in the music game controller business I think. Well any way here's a gameplay vid.

Donkey Kong has been one of Nintendo's well know characters for many, well, 30 years, A part from all his appearances in many great Nintendo games, he's held his own. Here's to another 30 years DK!

list info from

May 26, 2011

E3 Game preview

Hey Hey! It's the best time of year to be a gamer! E3 is coming soon and along with Nintendo's "What ever the fuck name it's has this week" new console, there are a bunch of games being revealed at E3. Here's the list:
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 360/PS3/PC
Disney Universe 360/PS3/WII/PC
Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D 3DS
Batman: Arkham City 360/PS3/PC
Bioshock: Infinite  360/PS3/PC
Transformers: Dark of the Moon 360/PS3
Warlord 360/PS3
WarHammer 40,000 Space Marine 360/PS3/PC 
X-Men Destiny 360/PS3/Wii
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online PC
Prey 2 360/PS3/PC
Sonic Generations 360/PS3/3DS
Resident Evil Revelations 3DS
The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Wii
The Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon 360
Gotham City Imposters 360/PS3/PC
That's some some of thE games being revealed at E3, expect surprises reveals, many a kinect sports 2, Microsoft and sony announcing new consoles oh yea and these, lots of these..

game list info from

Apr 9, 2011

What the wii 2 should have

At E3 this year, Nintendo is supposedly going to announce the Wii 2. Will sales have been affected by the Kincet and Move releases, also due to the new motions controllers, Gamers are not even touching there wiiis (or so I’ve heard) So the big N is going to make a new system earlier than it’s competitors. What should this new console have? Will Nintendo make the mistakes like no HD this time? Here what I want in the wii 2.

Hard Drve

This is a no brainier, but for Nintendo, they would easy pass it. Memory cards for consoles are dead. HDDs are here to stay, and Nintendo better put one in wii 2. Along with a HDD, Nintendo should start a media service like Live and PSN has. They could even push it more and include DVR capabilities. And would it be that hard to add DVD playing in?

High Def

It’s they way games are being played, and developed in. Nintendo treated HD like it did online before, now it’s time to embrace HD Nintendo, Mario need to head into the HD light.


You can keep the wiimotes, or go contollerless vie Kinect, but you must have a regular controller to play non-motion controlled games. It’ll bring more games to the system (that and a HD) that was passed over during the wii 1 reign. Nintendo could even revolution the controller again and introduce the first touchscreen controller to the world

No more Friend Codes

Admit it, you hate them, and you and many more would love to see them go. Nintendo should go the way of Live or PSN, but sadly with the 3DS having the codes, the friend code will not die.

Those were some of the thing I think the Wii 2 should have. I’m sure Wii 2 will not have some of the features mentioned. It could even have some not mention or even seen before. What do you want the Wii 2 to have?

Apr 1, 2011

Pokemon Black: the first 34 hours

  It's here! Pokemon Black and White, the latest Pokemon games have arrived and like many of you, I'm addicted. I got the black version (chosen because black is my favorite color). So what is the difference in this game than the other versions? Well the graphics for one. It's the best in the series, don't believe me, go across the skyarrow bridge, see Caselia city (pic above), see the Driftviel Drawbridge close, hell see the intro to the game and tell me the graphics are crap. I do have a problem with how my Pokemon are a little pixelated in battle. I also don't like how the X button is now the start button, but I've gotten use to it now. Talking about Pokemon, the new ones look like items, Klink looks like gears, litwik a candle, and Vanillite a ice cream cone. Plus they are all new till you get the national pokedex. No evolution add-on like the last game. Battle wise, Rotation battles seem fun, only been in 2 so far. Now when your Pokemon get poisoned, they only lose health in battle, not when you are walking, and old RPG standard. I haven't token the game online yet, but will soon. As of this writing, I'm training a team to take on the Mistral City gym leader. Pain in the ass levling up your team, but that's what playing Pokemon is all about. I can't wait to beat the gym leaders, the elite 4, the Pokemon champ, and get the national pokedex to transfer my pokemon from platinum. I love this game!!!

Mar 18, 2011

Remembering The Nintendo DS

As the days count down till Nintendo 3DS comes here to the states, lets take a look back at the best portable gaming system of this generation.

The original Nintendo DS, big, bulky, but you can play any of the Game Boy games on it. I almost most got a used one of these, but with my first credits card I would get this...
Nintendo DS lite, smaller, brighter from what I've heard, but only played GBA games along with DS games, I've have many a great time with mine, then came the upgrade...

Nintendo DSi, with Downloadable mini games and internet browsing ( which you could do if a regular DS with a separate cartage). Never got one... never need it.... or this one....

But I never saw the need for a bigger screen..... or had the money.

Game wise, Glad Nintendo finally had plastic DVD like cases, I have not lost any of my games like gens before. And boy was there some great ones. Sadly my DS got treated like my other Gameboys.... I tend not to get games for them, but I know I got more DS games than with GBA games. I still need to get New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DS, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. I did get both Legend of Zelda DS games. As we come, well not to a close, many will still be playing DS games on 3DS. We can't forget that the DS was a huge step of Nintendo.


Dec 28, 2010

Nintendo to reveal 3DS games next month.

Nintendo will be revealing some games for Nintendo 3DS next month at Nintendo World 2011 in Tokyo. This is consider just a teaser , but we all will be waiting to see them. As for the North American 3DS price? That's coming out the second week of January in New York. For now here's a list of game that will be revealed:(note: games in bold are demos others are works in progress)

  • Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D "The Naked Sample"

  • Pro Evolution 3DSoccer

  • Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

  • Resident Evil Revelations

  • Dynasty Warriors Chronicle

  • Dead or Alive Dimensions

  • Ridge Racer 3D

  • Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle

  • Nintendogs + cats

  • Kid Icarus: Uprising

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  • Steel Diver

  • Pilotwings Resort

  • AR Games

  • Nintendo 3DS Camera

  • Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

  • Super Monkey Ball 3D

  • Kingdom Hearts 3D*

  • Gundam The 3D Battle

  • Tales of the Abyss

  • One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP

  • Cubic Ninja*

  • Puzzle Bobble 3D

  • Pro Baseball Family Stadium 2011

  • Animal Resort*

  • Xevious

  • 3D Bijin Tokei*

  • Starfox 64 3D

  • Paper Mario*

  • Animal Crossing*

  • Mario Kart*

  • Surechigai ("passerby") Mii Hiroba

  • pic and list from G4TV


    Dec 17, 2010

    Time to vote! Vote for GITMON Game of the year!

    The Nominations are over.Here are the games up for GITMON Game of the year.

    Mass Effect 2

    Fallout: New Vegas

    Bioshock 2

    Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

    God of War III

    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Halo Reach
    Heavy Rain

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    thanks for the few that put up nominations. The poll is on the right side. The winner will be announce in the beginning of next year. now start voting.