May 20, 2013

Analyzing The Batman Arkham Origins Official Trailer.

The official trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins was released, but while there was no gameplay shown  the essence that is the Batman Arkham games is still there, Batman kicking ass. Of course Batman is in the game, and it looks like Black Mask will be the main villain  unless that's what looks like, it could just be a clever ploy. It looks like Deadshot is also in the game, hunting down Batman thought out. Deathstroke loolks like to be taking over the role of catwoman in this game, but I don't like the fact I will have to pre-order to play as him, I didn't have to pre-order catwoman in Arkham City, she was an online pass feature. Batman Arkham Origins looks amazing, I hope there is some gameplay revealed at E3 this year.

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