Feb 17, 2011

From The Pile: Blackest Night Tales of the corps

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps
   Blackest night was one of the darkest events in DC comics history. It was also one of the greatest. Like any other event in DC or Marvel, there's others stories going on. Tales of the corps puts together the stories of the lights corps, all in one book.

   We start with the green lanterns, Kilowog's story is first. A great story about everyone's favorite lantern. A tale of Kilowog's training. We find out the origin of the famous saying "Poozers" comes from and why he's hard on the rookies. This story is a must read, one of the best out there.The next story is about Arisa, the hot blonde GL. It's all about her family, and sadly how being a Green Lantern is passed down, also a great story.

   Now we go to the other colors starting with Red. The story is about Bleez, an angel like alien. The yellow corps invade her home and make her a slave. The yellow lantern's make her life hell, including breaking her wings. When her escape is stopped, a red ring finds her and she gets her revenge.The orange corp story is great. A god of hunger goes to planet to planet consuming everything of value. Then he goes to Larfleeze world, where the god get consumed. The yellow corps is about Mongo, well a young Mongo. Watching is father victories, idolizing him. One day a group of aliens crash land, and become Mongo's slaves. Young Mongo has his fun with them until daddy comes home, ask if there ship can be used, and kills them teaching young Mongo who's in charge.Not much to tell about the blue lantern story, was not into it that much, or even the indigo tribe, unless you speak nok, klok, and lok. The Star Sapphire story is about how Carol Ferris returns to the star sapphires, and about her past. The Black Lantern story can be passed over along with the meaning of the symbols and the black book of death. Then we go to superboy prime, for some reason they put his story here not in rise of the black breaks one rule of mind....... NEVER HAVE THE WRITERS, ARTIST, OR EDITORS IN COMICSBOOKS! It just takes away from the story and turns me off.
   Tales of the Crops is a great book with enough goos stories to override the bad.A good supplement to Blackest Night.

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  1. Can I buy just a trade of blackest night or is it a series? I'm intruiged