Jan 24, 2012

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock trailer

Doctor Who The Eternity Clock is coming this March to PS3 and Vita via Download. It is a side-scroller featuring of course the doctor and river song. To be honest, I think this game will disappoint. I always envisioned a third-person or a FPS doctor who game where the only weapon you have is you wits and a sonic screwdriver. A side-Scroller? Just don't seem to fit. Well I hope there are a lot of puzzles to solve. I hope it's good enough to make Doctor Who fans happy.

Jan 19, 2012

Sonic CD (PS3) review

A Sonic the Hedgehog fan favorite has come to PSN (and XBLA), the 1993 classic has been called one of the best sonic games made and of of the hardest. Does this version with some add-on still hold up?

Sonic CD begins with a animated sequence from the old DIC cartoon, having an animated sequence was big for a game  back in '93. You don't how the story really starts out, you're out to stop Dr.Robotnik in one of his plans to turn the world into robots. For some reason, he's put up time gates for to to go forward and back in time, oh and a metal sonic steals amy, sonic's lady friend. Over all this is just a regular classic sonic games, run, doge or kill enemies, get at least 50 rings, and get the gem in the special stage. I didn't really find this hard at all till the end, though I did not try to get the gems or find the metal sonic statues. Time attack is great if like to go as fast as you can in a level. A bonus in this version is if you beat the game, you can replay it as tails, which is great but I wish they included knuckles as well. Also include is the English and Japaneses soundtracks, which is far superior ton the English one, only could stand it for 5 minutes. I wish it would let you make multiple save files for the same game you're playing, miss getting a gem, you have to restart the whole game. For $4.99 Sonic CD is a great download, special if like me, you never had a Sega CD. Sonic CD is a great classic that any hardcore sonic fan must play. 

Will Mass Effect 3 be better with Kinect?

Yesterday EA and Bioware released a video showing how the Kinect works in Mass Effect 3. Voice commands are the main functionality for Kinect controls, no motion here. Team commands are the focus with Kinect controls, and looks like the best part. Telling you team to use attacks, move, and cover you with voice commands is much faster and better that using the menu. Even switching weapons is better and faster with voice commands. They do have "shoot" and "throw grenades" commands, which from my experience with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary , is completely worthless and better done with the controller. With no motion controls at all in Mass Effect 3, why use the Kinect at all, why not do it from the headset? I'm sure you use commands via the headset and it will work just fine, you can even extend that over to the PS3 players. It must be a Kinect software thing.

Jan 10, 2012

Kinect For Windows is coming Feb 1st, but will the price scare the groundhog the next day?

Last Night during Microsoft's final CES Keynote, Kinect for Windows was announced, along with it's launch date of February 1st. The problem? It's going to cost $249, more than a stand alone 360 kinect, and more than a packaged 360 + Kinect. Why do you have to pay more? Because Kinect for windows is more than use to play games with, it's more for unfun important adult stuff. At least you get development software and updates to the already releases Kinect SDK. So can you use your 360 Kinect on Windows? Nope, Microsoft says it an entirely different  licence, you know, those thing that make if illegal to copy software so your grandma can use word with out having to pay for it.  I wonder why Microsoft just make 360 kinect owners pay for the Kinect for windows licence? They just LOVE to bleed money from us, why no squeeze us some more. I predict that the licence will be made available for purchase for 360 kinect owners later on in the year. I also belive PC games will have kinect capabilities some time this year as well

Jan 5, 2012

The 5 games I would like to see be released for download

With so many classic games being released through online stores like Xbox live games market place, Playstaion store, steam, even good old games, an web site that sells old PC games, there are some that I would love to see be released for download. Recently one game that wanted to play for the longest time, Sonic CD, was released over Xbox live and PSN, hence the reason why I began to think of what other games I would love to be released.. I came up with these 5 games. (note: these games have may already been released for download, I may just not have notice yet)

Panzer Dragon (any of the games from the series)

I have always wanted to play a Panzer Dragon games, but I did not own a Sega Saturn or in the case of Panzer Dragon Orta, a Xbox. This game would make a great candidate for release for download, a HD remake or even a new title!

Metal Gear/Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

I have played both these games, and did not get very far in them. They are a part of Metal Gear history and have been inserted in to the Metal Gear canter. They even made a appearance in metal gear solid 2. I think metal gear fan would gobble these games up if made available for download.

Nights Into Dreams 

Yet again another Saturn game appears on the list. I have always wanted to play nights into dreams, and I've seem to have missed the Gamecube remake. I'm sure this will game will get many downloads

Mega Man Legends

As like most of the games on this list, I have always wanted to play this. Unlike most of the games on the list, I believe Mega Man Legends has the highest chance of being released for download vis PSN's PSone Classics. It would make up for Capcom's canceling that Mega Man legends game

Night Trap

Honestly.....i just want to play this just to send Dana Plato into a trap....