Nov 25, 2010

From the Pile: Thanksgiving edition special: JLA/JSA Virtue and Vice

It's Thanksgiving, the day in the year where the JLA and the JSA get together to have some turkey. What could go wrong? Well, the 7 deadly sins could come and take over the minds of 7 heroes.Also Johnny Sorrow could come back and raise hell.Not to mention, a demon could come and take over the presidents body. all this and more happens in the crossover epic JLA/JSA Virtue and Vice by David Goyer and Geff Johns, the great writing team of JSA fame.The story is great , never lost interest one bit.Plus it's always good to see the two teams joining forces outside of a big DC event. The twist do get to be too much at times, but I can live with that. Great art, done by JSA artist Carlos Paceco. So this Thanksgiving, why not read this this book, because it's the only Thanksgiving comic book story that I know of.

Nov 24, 2010

From the Pile: The Amazing Spider-Man The Gauntlet: The Lizard.

If you have not been following the Gauntlet storyline, you've been missing of of the best spider-man story lines in recent memory. Out of all the stories of the gauntlet, this is the best. It doesn't get boring at the end like some of the other stories in the gauntlet. The Lizard story is the best spidey story in recent memory.

"Shed" is a tale of the end of Dr.Conners,(aka the lizard) dear friend of Peter Parker and spider-man. He's working for a man(who's a dick) mostly lab work. He's trying to find a way like always to get rid if the lizard in side of him once and for all. But getting push by his boss releases the lizard, and the boss becomes lizard chow.The Lizard is more lizard like the ever before. And with the meddling of the Kravinoffs, the Lizard is here to stay.I'm Not tell how it ends, but the events will be felt in many spidey books in the future

The story is great, a well written spider-man story. Zeb Wells did a great job. As I said before, this is the best story from the Gauntlet story line. Plus, the lizard origin mini story was interesting, much better than the other gauntlet origin stories that I've read. The art  was great, the new look lizard was done well, and the scene were the lizard eats the boss, looked great. I highly recommend this book to any comic book fan, even those old spidey fans who stopped reading ASM. I can't wait to get my hands on grim hunt.

Nov 20, 2010

Diablo 3 may come to consoles….. maybe & Blizzard’s console woes.

cross post from rock the lan

Blizzard is looking in to porting Diablo 3 to consoles, which for me will make me very happy. Blizzard is looking for a developer that has “experience” in developing console games….. because they don’t. Bizzard has never had a good port of a game, ever played Diablo for Playstation or Starcraft 64? I’ve played Starcraft 64…. WORST PORT EVER! They did make one good console game, The Three Vikings; I heard good things about it. Maybe this time will be different, maybe the merger with Activision will help, may be this one will be good. If the console version of Diablo 3 is bad, may god helps us all.
And if you NEVER played a Diablo game…… find the Diablo battle chest on amazon NOW!!!!

Nov 19, 2010

8-Bit Harry Potter Interactive - Start Here!

Wonder what Harry Potter would be like in a NES Game? wonder no more with this interactive youtube video, try it out.

Nov 17, 2010

From the Pile: The Legion Foundations

This is the first Legion book that I've read. The only other story was in a superman the man of steel book, I didn't pay that much attention to. I Only know of the legion tough mentions on twitter an the TV show(never got into it).So I was interested in this book. 
The story is a about the future, more accurate, the 31st century. Darkseid is now just a stone fossil, barely alive. But you know Darksied, he wants to control the universe, even in rock from. First his disciples (one a very dark Orion) steal a teen Clark Kent from the past, thus screwing up the timeline.They also screw up the timeline by bring a young Darksied to the future, forcing the Legion to fight side by side along the young Darksied.
The story was so so, it started with the usual "new recruits to out team" story, which done right can be be good. Somehow, they find superboy is a stargate, not tell how he got there and why.The writers fail ti show the complete rehab of superboy, which I wanted more of. Also the change of superboy's uniform from the black tee and jeans (which I like) to a muscle reducing superman uniform which just looks wrong on him should not have been done. One major problem was the cut in to the story with a reporter interviewing the members of the legion.It should have been at the start. At least the fight at the end was good.
The Legion Foundations is a read if you want to see what the Legion is like. I would not suggest this as a must read. If the story has done right, it would have been a good read.

Cowboys & Aliens (2011) trailer

The Cowboys & Aliens trailer is out today. I looks great. It will be one of the movies that I'll be watching next year. check it out here: Yahoo! Movies: Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

Green Lantern Trailer HD 1080p, WATCH IT!

The official Green Lantern Movie Trailer is out...... AND IT IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

Nov 10, 2010

Kinect with problems…. Is still that great?

crosspost from RockTheLan

It’s been about a week that Kinect has been out and reports about problems with the “no-controller” controller have filled the net. Do these problems hurt Kinect in any bad way? Or they just expected? Let’s look at some of the problems:
Not able to detect dark skin people:
OMG MY KINECT IS A RACIST!!! Well no… it’s not. Kinect has a problem with detecting dark skinned people because you don’t have enough light in your room. It’s just like any other device with a camera, it need light. Turn on some lights in the room, or bring some in.
Picking up conversations when you don’t want it to.
So your buddies herd you wife bitch at you while playing CoD Black Opps, well don’t use your Kinect as a MIC for Xbox live. All you have to is change the settings so your kinect will not be used as a Mic in those, non-kinect games.
My body hurts during and after playing kinect:
It’s called exercise, and you must need it. What do you expect with a “no-controller” controller. It’s a benefit that you should use more often.
Finally, I played Kinect naked now there are nude pics of me on my Xbox:
The simple solution is to not play kinect naked, but if you do, just go to the memory management tool and delete that games data.
None of these problems really hurt Kinect, all are easily fixable. Kinect has impressed many and is the next step into the future of gaming, even computers. Kinect will be around for a while, and so will these problems

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