Jan 30, 2011

My Mom

I don't talk about my personal life on the blog much, but I'm making an acceptation. Just over a week ago my mom left this earth suddenly. She had been sick, but showing signs that she was getting better. She was a amazing woman, taking care of me without my father and only a little support from my family. She supported me on anything I wanted to do, she would rarely say no to me. She would always get the game I wanted for my birthdays or holidays. I consider my self a second generation gamer; she was in to gamming before I was born. She grew up with an Atari 2600, which I would get eventually, and loved playing it. She would play the gamming systems that I have over the years from SNES to Xbox 360 she played them all. She was a great superman fan, even though she did not read the comics. She loved to watch the show smallville, she want to get the seasons on DVD. She also was a fan of Star Trek, and has seen every one of the Star Trek movies. She was a sci-fi fan in general. If there was a sci-fi show on TV she would watch it. I will great miss my mom; I hope she is all right where ever she is.

If DC vs Marvel was ever redone. What would the machups be? Would you have the same ones, new machups, or a mix?

If DC vs Marvel was ever redone. What would the machups be? Would you have the same ones, new machups, or a mix?

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Jan 27, 2011

Looks-wise, do you prefer classic Spider-Man, or black suit Spider-Man?

black suit spider-man

Ask me anything, I know a lot.

In light of the recent Fantastic Four news, what are your thoughts on death in comics?

It's done too much now, they need to stop it for a decade and think of better stories

Ask me anything, I know a lot.

Jan 21, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever get a date, yes A DATE.

Duke Nukem Forever is comming out May 3 2011 in the US and May 6
worldwide for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3, NO DON'T GO AWAY IT'S TRUE. (so
far) The masses have been waiting for Duke's return like he has jesus
or a mythical being. I frist head of DNF about 10 years ago and have
been waiting... And waiting... And waiting... And waiting. We all saw
the stories, "Duke Nukem Forever is coming out THIS YEAR!"... it did
not. Rittled with problems, it was bound to become vaporware, but Duke
would not die. Will Duke make his grand return in May? Or will we get
screwed again, we won't know untill we have Duke Nukem Forever in our
hands. Oh, you should find the DOS verison of Duke Nukem 3D, it is the
best verison, the orginal, unedited, and the best way to learn what
Duke Nukem is all about.

Jan 19, 2011

From the pile: Superman Earth One

Superman: Earth One
 Well it looks like another Superman Origin story, something DC likes to do what seems every year. What makes J.Michael Straczyski's origin story so different? Well a few things, yea a young 20 Clark Kent has been done, young Louis and Jimmy been done too. One thing different is that Clark trys out many jobs before going to the daily planet, and is good at every signal one. The villain in the story in not Luthor, a change from other origin stories, matter of fact, there is no Luthor at all. JMS even change the way Krypton is destroyed, having it blown up to stop a war. I know the hardcore superman fans are pissed at JMS for that (join the club, many spidey fans are still pissed at JMS for OMD). Overall the book is so so, wroth checking out for casual fans.

Jan 17, 2011

From the pile: Superman Speeding Bullets

Superman: Speeding Bullets TPB
   What if superman fell to earth, and was discovered by the Waynes? Would he become Batman? Superman Speeding Bullets has the answers.A very great look if Bruce Wayne was really Kal-el. His life is pretty much the same, except he gets shot by Joe Chill, then Bruce kills Joe with a burst of heat vision (it was an accident). Lois Lane is in here, and yes, they hook up. Both Luthor and The Joker are here as well, they're the same person. Seeing a fat Luthor/Joker seems wrong to me. The one problem I have with the book that's too short, I would have loved to see more charcter and what their lives are in this world. I recommend this book, a great read and alternative take on superman and batman.

Jan 14, 2011

From the pile: Spider-Man Grim Hunt

Spider-Man: The Grim Hunt
   The Gauntlet has ended, now it's time for the Kraven's hunt, but why do they want to hunt your friendly neighborhood spider-man? Grim Hunt is a great story, brining out characters we have not seen for awhile. Arachane, a spider-girl I never hear of, madam web, and Kain 1 of spidey's clones. All the hunting of spiders leads up to two things, The return of Kraven the Hunter, and black suit spider-man, and ass we all know...
Black Suit Spider-man = badass
There's "deaths" in this book, I won't say who, but you know comicbooks, they are never truly dead. Also a berths, a new spider-girl, and a new possible foe.Grim Hunt is a must read for any comicbook fan.