Jun 29, 2011

Analyzing the Gears of War 3 Horde Mode 2.0

When Gears of war 3 comes out, a new and improved horde mode does too. With fortifications, winning money to buy more ammo and better weapons, and boss battles, Horde mode 2.0 is a much better improvement over the original horde mode.I can already tell that many are going to save up just to get the silver back and raise some hell with it. I can see some tactical uses in having barriers up, more time to mow down some grubs I don't about the teamwork aspect of it, I feel like if i want the sniper rifle (my favorite weapon in gears), or need more money, none of my teammates will hand them over, Hording them for themselves. I've played some of horde mode in gears2, and it's get boring around the tenth,  wave. Horde Mode 2.0 is a much better improvement and should be an enjoyable experience.

Jun 27, 2011

Supreme Court To Califonia " Video Games RULES!"

In a 7 to 2 ruling today, the supreme court strikes down the California law making it illegal to sell video games to a minor. Video Games are protected under the first amendement like all other media, and they can not be restricted to what the content is. This prevents and ends other states from doing this. This is a great victory fro video games and for gamers as well. I wonder what those GTA hating, bible lovers are going to do now? I know one thing, we will not play a "Jesus adventures" game.....unless he gets to kill people and gets down with whores. :)


From The Pile: Marvels

Marvels, the great heroes of the marvel universe, we known and loved them from many years, but what about those without powers, you everyday person who lives in this world, and gets saved by these heroes? Well Marvels by the well-known team of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross follows Phil Sheldon, a reporter as he lives though the many events that happened in the marvel universe. The battle with Namor and the original human torch (did you know that there was two human torches? I did, they even have a great origin story for him.), the rise of the mutants, the arrival of the silver suffer and Galactus, and the death of Gwen Stacy. Reading Marvel reminded me of reading the astro city books, also written by Busiek (with covers done by Ross). This was a great take on the marvel universe, seeing it through the eyes of someone living in it when all hell breaks loose is interesting, never lost any interest in the story. As for the art, I like Alex Ross’s covers, but never quite got into his art beyond that. Marvel is a great take on the marvel universe and is a must read for any Marvel Fan.

Jun 8, 2011

Wii U, the next gen console war has begun!

The Nintendo Wii U was revealed to the world yesterday, & the gaming public was amazed. The wii U features a screen on the controller. It is 6.2 in 16:9 (yea HD, most likely 720p), dual analog stick a,b, x,y, lb,rb, and zl/zr buttons. A stylus, rumble features, motion controls, and a power button.Wii games, controllers, and accessories will work with wii u. Wii u will have built in flash memory, but you can add more via SD cards or a USB hard drive via the 4 usb 2.0 slots. Game wise a mario game was featured and a new super smash bros was said to come to the system. You can transfer the game you're playing from the tv to the touch pad, lets not hope that many company make the the only trick it can do. Wii U will come some time in 2012, hope fully before the end of the world.

Kinect Star Wars.... the Real reason you got a Kinect.

We all is was in the pipeline one year ago when they said it was coming, and now we got video evidence. Kinect Star Wars is coming, and it looks great! Pod racing, space battles, oh yea LIGHTSABERS! This could become the high selling Kinect game of all time, even the high selling Motion Controlled game of all time. I plan on getting this, are you?


Jun 7, 2011

Mass Effect 3.....he told you so.

In Mass Effect 1we found about the reapers, in 2 we try to warn the universe about them, now in three, we gotta stop them. Mass Effect 3, the last part of the trilogy, looks like it's going to be the best, plus it's got kinect freatures. Can't wait to save the universe....may be the alliance and counsel SHOULD HAVE LISTEN!


The Sims Social....another thing to waste time with on facebook

ok....i like the sims. i plan on getting the sims 3 soon, but this is not for me. By the way it looks, I only have one sim, and I would interact with my FB friends, but if my sim sleeps with a friend's sim, would that not cause some sort of social media hell if one other friend wanted to sleep or in this case woo-hoo with you? I 'm pass this and sticking with cityville, which has the same properties as a virus.....oh and EA.....simcity on facebook, get on that.

Halo 4 2012........that is all.

Halo 4 is coming in 2012(hopeful BEFORE the world ends) millions of halo fans pissed themselves when seeing this video yesterday revealed at E3. wonder where Master Chief got the jetpack from?