Feb 24, 2011

Comicbook movie madness!!!!!

Got Three comicbook related trailers for you, lets check out Thor first, and it looks bad ass!

next is the x-men anime, it looks good. Hope it will bring anime fans into the fold.

finally we move to DC with the Green Lantern Emerald knights trailer.


New The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim trailer is out.

hope this is going to be great, can't wait for it.

Feb 17, 2011

From The Pile: Blackest Night Tales of the corps

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps
   Blackest night was one of the darkest events in DC comics history. It was also one of the greatest. Like any other event in DC or Marvel, there's others stories going on. Tales of the corps puts together the stories of the lights corps, all in one book.

   We start with the green lanterns, Kilowog's story is first. A great story about everyone's favorite lantern. A tale of Kilowog's training. We find out the origin of the famous saying "Poozers" comes from and why he's hard on the rookies. This story is a must read, one of the best out there.The next story is about Arisa, the hot blonde GL. It's all about her family, and sadly how being a Green Lantern is passed down, also a great story.

   Now we go to the other colors starting with Red. The story is about Bleez, an angel like alien. The yellow corps invade her home and make her a slave. The yellow lantern's make her life hell, including breaking her wings. When her escape is stopped, a red ring finds her and she gets her revenge.The orange corp story is great. A god of hunger goes to planet to planet consuming everything of value. Then he goes to Larfleeze world, where the god get consumed. The yellow corps is about Mongo, well a young Mongo. Watching is father victories, idolizing him. One day a group of aliens crash land, and become Mongo's slaves. Young Mongo has his fun with them until daddy comes home, ask if there ship can be used, and kills them teaching young Mongo who's in charge.Not much to tell about the blue lantern story, was not into it that much, or even the indigo tribe, unless you speak nok, klok, and lok. The Star Sapphire story is about how Carol Ferris returns to the star sapphires, and about her past. The Black Lantern story can be passed over along with the meaning of the symbols and the black book of death. Then we go to superboy prime, for some reason they put his story here not in rise of the black breaks one rule of mind....... NEVER HAVE THE WRITERS, ARTIST, OR EDITORS IN COMICSBOOKS! It just takes away from the story and turns me off.
   Tales of the Crops is a great book with enough goos stories to override the bad.A good supplement to Blackest Night.

Feb 16, 2011

Think about this: Gordan Freeman with the portal gun.

I was reading an article about portal 2 in Official Xbox Magazine [with DVD] (1-year auto-renewal) (great article by the way) and in the small print interesting facts they have at the bottom of every page stated that Half-Life and portal was in the same world(if you was paying attention in HL EP2 you would know this already) and I began to think, what if Gordan Freeman gets the Portal Gun? Oh the possibilities! First, you would have to explore the the world of Half-Life trying to figure out what can hold a portal and what can not.I assume any thing metal can not hold a portal, or it could be only certain metals can or can not hold one.Roads, cement, plaster, bricks, drywall, and I'm sure many many many more things can hold a portal. Rock could be tricky, some could, some could not, it just depends on what kind and what it's made of. But you don't care what can or can't hold a portal, it's all about using it to kill some fuckers! Dropping cars, exploding barrels, ant lions, head crabs, and a hell of a lot of other shit on a bunch of combine is going to be fun to do and watch.Need to go a sniping spot? Use the portal gun! When you get to the spot, make sure to get rid of the portal, you do want combine fallowing you in don't you? The applications for the portal gun in puzzle solving could be endless. For some reason, you can't use the gravity gun, and you gotta cross a sand area on top of a ant lion hell hole, and there's a overpass, time to have some fun with portals! What would you use the portal gun for in half-life?

now because this was a portal post..... here is still alive(if you have not beat portal..... don't watch, you gotta earn that right)

Feb 15, 2011

Marvel Movie Trailer Round Up

This summer is the summer of Super Hero Movies. We got our plate full of Marvel movies comming to us beginning with Thor.

It looks good, hope it is. Now on to Captain America........

The WW II setting should make it great, plus the hint of the red skull(see above) was great, now on to x-men first class

It looks good, but I still get that "they fucked that up"feeling. Looks like Emma frost and for some reason pixie is in the film..... why pixie in a x-men origin story I don't know, it looks like someone needs to get their history strait.

So thats the Marvel Movies coming out this summer. Going to be a great year over all for movies.

Feb 11, 2011

RIP Guitar Hero

Activison along with the DJ hero and Tony Hawk Franchises, killed Guitar Hero this week due to it's lack of popularity. I once has crazy over Guitar Hero but like many, it went away, lets take a look back(well just the ones I own).


This was not my first GH, but I like the songs here better than GH2. My mom got this for me when I was away at school, ah college, having late night drunken guitar hero battles, good times.

Guitar Hero 2

The second thing I would but with my credit card and my first GH game. I had many a good time playing the game, even though my GH chops sucked, but they would get better. Good songs, considered the best by the gaming community.

Guitar Hero rocking the 80's

yea too be honest..... I only got this game to play Holy Diver. but still like it. Harmonix last GH game.

Guitar Hero 3

My first 360 game, Had many great battles on live and many drunken ones in my dorm too. This is where the series too a turn, no one  much liked the guitar battles.
Guitar Hero World Tour

Paid a $100 for it and got a crappy guitar, and with GH3, the guitar had a design flaw that fucked with the green button Had a good song list, but the graphics need an updated and add to much new features during song play that just took away from jamming out.
Guitar Hero Metallica

yea I'm a metallica fan, there for basis, but THIS IS THE BEST GUITAR HERO GAME EVER!!!!!!!

Guitar Hero 5

The last GH game that I would get, or may own. Try to reinvent the series with more non rock songs....... didn't help much.

So what are you guitar hero memories, leave a comment or share on the blogs's facebook page.

Feb 4, 2011

From The Pile: JLA Crisis of Conscience

JLA: Crisis of Conscience (Identity Crisis) (Countdown to Infinite Crisis)
   Identity Crisis has ended( I highly recommend that you read Identity Crisis (DC Comics) before this, a must read trust me). Green Arrow, Hawkman and the others involved with the mind wiping of Criminals and Batman now must suffer. Will the JLA make it though this crisis like the have so many many many many many many times before? Crisis of Conscience is a great story, a fitting aftermath to Identity Crisis, filled with emotion, pissed off villains, pissed off and sad Batman( he punches Hawkman, the only man other than possibly superman or wildcat that could get away with it), and a few shocking surprises thrown in. It made me want to find the next JLA book after this. Yes, it is a countdown book, NO DON'T GO AWAY! it's actually pretty good. The best out of the 2 that I've read so far. The book suffers from "You gotta read these books before you read this one" syndrome.Green Lantern: Rebirth ,Superman/Batman, Vol. 2: Supergirl, and a batman book I can't remember are some that you may have to rad to understand some of the stuff happening in the book. I recommend this book as a great follow up to Identity crisis, and a good read overall.

Feb 3, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Deus Ex, great classic PC game, Now it's made it's return to the gaming world. Check out the trailer. It looks great.


Halo Reach map coming soon, just don't know how soon.

Another Map pack for Halo Reach is coming soon according to Microsoft. According to the inside xbox video(that video you can watch on your xbox 360, but AFTER you read this) Major Nelson said to expect a Halo Reach map pack soon. No name or details were given. Bungie has not given any word about a new map pack ether. I expect we will hear about this new map pack later on in the month, or even this week maybe. 


From The Pile: Batman Life After Death

Batman: Life After Death
While Bruce is playing Doctor Who, Dick is handling the reigns as Batman. Dick is doing a great job so far from what I've read of the Dick Grayson era of Batman. Can he keep up the job? Lets see if he can in Life After Death.

There's a new black mask in Gotham (I didn't even know that the original black mask had died, but now I know how he died and who killed him). and he's causing a war between the criminals of Gotham, then again, they are always at war. There is always a crime war in Gotham. Even worse, the Falcone family has return to town and trying to make a comeback (The Faclone's are from the Loeb batman books Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory both must reads along with Batman: Haunted Knight)There also the return of the Reaper (also must read Batman: Year Two: Fear The Reaper) , and appearances by the riddler, a naked penguin (yuck), the huntress, and catwoman. Catwoman even picks up her own version of Robin with Catgirl. Good Batman story is always a good mystery story, it was a good ride finding out who the Black Mask really was. Tony Daniel does a great job writing and drawing in the book, something you don't see much in comicbooks today. Batman Life After Death is a must read for any batfan.

Feb 1, 2011

A budget gamers review: Super Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter, the grandfather of the modern fighting game. At some point in a gamer life, they have played a SF game. My first like many others was street fighter 2 on SNES. Those were they days. But does Super Super Street Fighter IV live up to the legacy?
All of our favorite fighters are back! Peter, Louis, Meg, Chris, Brian, Stewie.... wait...... thats Family Guy. You know who they are, Ryu, Ken, M.Bison, Vega, Gulie, Chun-Li, Blanka, and Zangief (who's gay by the way, yea it's true capcom just decided one day to make him gay for some reason). With those and some new one added (like the characters from Final Fight) we get 35 fighters all together.

The game is in the classic 2d fighting gameplay, non of this 3D fighting. You on one side, the guy you're going to beat on the other. The fights locals are great, from hippos, drunks on the street, to a  worker that looks like Mario, all are great. Plus you get the classic bonus stages, the car crusher(which I'm good at) and the Barrel blaster (which I'm ok at). Need to work on you skills, there's training and trail modes, both good for leaning the moves(like super and ultra combos), but I find Vs mode is good at learning too.Want to take your skill online? There's three modes to do it in, plus with replays, you re-watch your great victories.

Even though I suck at fighting games, I still like them. SSFIV is a great game. yea you get pissed after losing to Seth 10 times in a row, but that's fighting games for ya. SSFIV has great modes, moves, intro and ending videos, looks great, and is good old fashion fighting. For under $20, a great way to get ready for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Pick it up today