Mar 31, 2011

Marvel Trailer Hit parade

Got 2 marvel trailers for you today, first up is fear itself!

don't if I'm getting this one or trade waiting it now for the new cap trailer

Captain America looks good, can't wait to see it. The trailer does not disappoint. Skin,  weak Steve Rogers  has to be done with sfx. I know I'm going to see it. are you?


Mar 18, 2011

Remembering The Nintendo DS

As the days count down till Nintendo 3DS comes here to the states, lets take a look back at the best portable gaming system of this generation.

The original Nintendo DS, big, bulky, but you can play any of the Game Boy games on it. I almost most got a used one of these, but with my first credits card I would get this...
Nintendo DS lite, smaller, brighter from what I've heard, but only played GBA games along with DS games, I've have many a great time with mine, then came the upgrade...

Nintendo DSi, with Downloadable mini games and internet browsing ( which you could do if a regular DS with a separate cartage). Never got one... never need it.... or this one....

But I never saw the need for a bigger screen..... or had the money.

Game wise, Glad Nintendo finally had plastic DVD like cases, I have not lost any of my games like gens before. And boy was there some great ones. Sadly my DS got treated like my other Gameboys.... I tend not to get games for them, but I know I got more DS games than with GBA games. I still need to get New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DS, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. I did get both Legend of Zelda DS games. As we come, well not to a close, many will still be playing DS games on 3DS. We can't forget that the DS was a huge step of Nintendo.


Mar 16, 2011

From The Pile: Wonder Woman Second Genesis

Wonder Woman: Second Genesis
 It's a nice summer's night in Gateway City and Wonder Woman is on patrol. She's about to stop a fight between a gang a the police, what she discovers there is just the start of a great tale.  Wonder Woman Second Genesis by John Byrne is a great book and the best wonder woman that I've read (which including this would be two so far).
    It begins with Diana noticing the weapons the gang has is too advance for them. Along with a cop, the good to a bar and a fight breaks out, after the discover a hidden room and find out who is the weapons suppler.... DARKSIED! After getting captured, then escaping they find themselves out of this world on Apokolkips. A talk with Metrocon, a Revelation is made, the same power that created New Geneisis and Apokolkips(note read Jack Kirby's New Gods) had gave the Greek god their power, and Darksied wants it find them and take it. He invades Paradice Island, leveling it after not finding then gods. Diana is distraught not only over the death of here sisters, but her mother has also disappeared.

Along with the Second Genesis storyline is a great second story. There is also a b-story with Morgan Le Fey that goes nowhere is this book. Second Genesis is great, but it does jumps around a bit too much. Great work by John Byne too, I recommend this book as a great read.


Mar 4, 2011

From the pile: JSA Black Adam & Isis

Justice Society of America: Black Adam and Isis (Jsa (Justice Society of America) (Graphic Novels))
 The Geoff Johns era of JSA has come to an end, and in a great way. Black Adam and Isis is a great conclusion to a run that is consider one of Johns best, and I have grown to love more with every signal book. Lets take a look at this one.

   Black Adam and Isis takes place between the time of Final Crisis and Blackest Night.  We begin with Black Adam on his hunt for Isis (actually, it's began with hawkman getting kicked out of the JSA, but what else is new). He finds her and Felix Faust, and Faust payment for keeping Isis is getting his junk ripped off. The lovely couple then goes and vist Caption Marvel, who is now the wizard shazam (i missed how that happened, he has a white rope even the long white hair).They zap his powers away and send billy back to Fawcett City. Billy makes an call to his old pals at the JSA, who only know him (except star) as captain marvel(I hope jay regrets what he did to billy and star). After getting a review on how the whole marvel family got there powers, the JSA arrive at the rock and the battle begins. Billy and star get separated then start to get reacquainted when evil Mary Marvel (who I call emo Mary marvel) appears and takes out Star. The emo Mary forces billy to become emo billy marvel. The battle moves on to Black Adam's home land, the Isis looses it killing her subjects for more power.  With the help of Billy's dad spirit, the wizard SHAZAM returns and he's pissed. He turns Adam and Isis in to stone and takes back all the power from the marvels.
The next story is about one of my favorite JSA members, StarGirl. It's her birthday, and the whole team is there. Great story showing how the JSA is like a family and hoe important start is to the team. The next story is a battle of a old WWII  foe's spirit and the first appearance of Crispus Allen's (of Gotham Central fame) The Specter. At the end, another man is told to stay out of star's life.

   The Geoff Johns run of JSA is a must read, one of the greatest runs I've ever read. All are great stories, some I reviewed here. Not only is this book a must read, but the entire run is. Find the books today!


Mar 3, 2011

from the pile......sadly....... X-men the movie adaption comicbook

Sadly, I thought reading the x-men movie adaption comic would be possibly better than the move....... I was wrong......... horribly wrong. While it does follow the movie, it is different in many parts compare to the movie, and has more dialog than the movie, but that's due to it being a comic. Even the old x-men stories Marvel threw in to make the book bigger are less that stellar. The Wolverine story was the best of them, and the only good part of this book. If someone tells you to read this..... kick them in the balls.