Aug 5, 2011

Back to the drawing board for wii U?

Recently Nintendo withdrew the Wii U out of GamesCom 2011, Europe’s biggest video game convention due to “security concerns”, and many are not buying it. The Wii U will have some effect on how we play games with the Tablet controller, but it’s got a lot of hurdles ton jump if it wants to take on Sony’s and Microsoft’s next gen systems. So why would Nintendo may have to take the Wii u back to the drawing board?

1. The millions of causal game players Nintendo courted with the Wii.

You got to admit it, Wii U is geared toward to the hardcore gamers, and the third parties game developers that Nintendo have always been after. Many of them said they would love to develop games for it (and some that love it and still won’t develop games for it). But if Nintendo courts them, the millions of casual gamers that Nintendo used to make the Wii popular will be alienated, and more likely head to 360/Kinect (or720/kinect) and the PS4 kinect-like controls, so Nintendo need to find a way to include them as well.

2. It’s the economy stupid 
Nintendo’s latest system, the 3DS,  just got a price drop going into effect aug 12th, due to poor sales. Do you really think people are going to pay the projected $400 to $500 for a new system, not to mention the price for one of those controllers? People Don't have the money to pay for a new system now a days, here hoping economy improves in 2012

So what could Nintendo do to make the Wii U more completive? Updated graphics that will compete with the rumored xbox 720’s “it looks like avatar” graphics? A smaller touch screen controller?  Let’s hope Nintendo can come up with something, the failure of the Wii U could possibly mean the end of Nintendo as a console maker


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