Aug 31, 2011

The 100th Post: 5 games Every Gamer Should Play

After gathering a list of games for fellow gamers, reducing that list down, and letting you vote on them, The 5 games every gamer should play has been determined. I'm not surprised that some of the games that made it on the list, but one did make a last hour surge. now to game number 5

5. Half-Life (PC)

Ahh Half-Life, still considered the best PC game of all time. I have fond memories of this and it's expansions. This game put Valve on the map, if it was not for Half-Life, there will be no team fortress, counter-strike, portal, or Left 4 Dead. You are Gordon Freeman, a scientist unknowenly about to enter the battle of his life. Beginning with the tram ride (best introduction in video game history), a quick chat with you pal barney, and getting your hav-vac suit on, you start your experiment....where something goes wrong and all hell breaks loose. Now you're fighting head crabs, zombies made by the head crabs, monsters, giant tigerfish, the military,
and the vortigons, who unlike in half-life 2, are your foes and shoot green lightning at you, god i hate those fuckers, I so want to kill them in 2, but NOOOOOOO there good now. The expansions Opposing Force and Blue Shift were also great And both are on steam for 5 bucks each. If you have only played Half-life 2 then you must play Half-Life, it is a requirement.

4, Donkey Kong

For 30 years (see here) this monkey has been raising hell for mario and others. This game put Nintendo on the map. Still played to this day, It is a timeless classic. Climbing ladders, jumping barrels, and saving the girl is what Donkey Kong is all about. Go find a way to play this classic today

3. The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

Considered the best in the series, this is one of the best games on the N64. I must have played the hell out of this. Loved it so much, from horse riding, to sword fighting, great game all around. You start out as a young link, adventuring you way across the land rescuing the princess. Then you get trapped and get released in the future  ages and for some reason your clothes change as well. Along with a mysterious stranger, you're on your way to beating Gannon once and for all.

2. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII, in my opinion the best Final Fantasy game ever. Great Story, great battle mechanics, and how can forget the chocobo raising and racing. I got this game before I got  a PS1, traded a Sugar Ray CD because he needed to get a gift for his girlfriend and she loved them, I won in the end.  Who can forget this shocker from the game.

1. Super Mario Bros.

The One the only, Super Mario Bros, the game that not only helped launched a system, but a whole new generation of games and gamers. The modern platfromer can trace it's roots to this game. Until All-stars on SNES, I only played this a few times at friends houses. It also inadvertently started cheat codes with the negative zone, a programming error. If you never played Super Mario Bros, then what's the hell is wrong with you, go PLAY NOW!

Thanks to all that votes, and to the readers of the blog, here;s to 100 more!

Honorable mentions:Super Mario 64, DOOM, Pac-Man, Hale-Life 2, Halo

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