Dec 1, 2010

Naked vampires could be coming to Xbox 360.. Microsoft may be planning to bring cable to the 360.

Microsoft may be planning to bring cable channels to the Xbox 360, turning it into a cable box. It may ether be bringing in channels, via cable companies using the console as a cable box, or offer the channels via a xbox cable service. We already have ESPN on xbox (via ESPN 3) and does not sounds to far fetch that MS would do this. Two channels mention were HBO and Showtime, both premium channels. They would be offer ether a la carte (pick and chose of you want them) or just get the shows only. An a la carte
 option for all channels available would be good, there's been talk of doing this for cable for years and could greatly help MS and greatly hurt cable.This service would be offered on xbox live in about 12 months. This is just another step (the next would be DVR consoles) in the evolution of gaming consoles.

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