Nov 13, 2011

Battlefield 3 (PS3) review

 The Battlefield games have been a PC gaming staple for years. The series has been a multiplayer oriented game for years with a single player that is just multiplayer with bots. DICE and EA have been trying to get the Battlefield series a foothold on consoles with that god awful Battlefield 2 rehash and the Bad Company series. But Battlefield 3 not only is a attempt to make the series a console juggernaut, but also try to make a great campaign, let's see if Battlefield 3 does this.

Before I talk about the campain, I'm not a hardcore military shooter fan. The only Military shooter i like in both single player and Online is Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare It has been the standard barer for me as the perfect military shooter, and no game (not even MW2) has been able to beat it. Battlefield 3's single player does not do this. It seems to me to follow the cookie cutter story line that CoD4 seems to have made, there Muslim terrorist getting weapons from Russians, and they give them a nuke, and it goes off. At some point you face the Russians. There is also good Russians as well. It is the same old lack of storyline creativeness that makes Battlefield 3 Single player just another disappointment to me. Don't get me wrong I like the single player, I just would like something different storyline wise. 

Now we get to the meat of Battlefield 3, the multiplayer. You have your choose of ether CO-OP, which 2 people take on mission to unlock weapons you may or may not even need, and multiplayer. The MP is made up OF 5 Modes, Conquest, a battlefield classic, where you fight to keep control points under control. Rush where the attackers attack and take down M-Coms while the defenders prevent that from happening. Of course you know what team deathmatch is, and Squad Rush and Squad deathmatch, is a 4 on 4 version of the other 2 big versions. MP can get intense, there is nothing like being in a drag out battle in conquest mode trying to take over a small alley way. There are plenty of vehicles to master, tanks, planes, choppers, jeeps, and anti-air. Some are easy to operate, while others like chopper and jets you need some practice, which you can only do in MP due to a lack of a skirmish mode. While there are a lack of made you own class like in MW2, the classes (assault/medic, engineer, support/demolition, recon) have a lot of customization. You can customized (via weapon unlocks by getting kills and ranking up like COD) each class to you taste, and what the current battle you need, you can change weapons and more while waiting to repawn, which i do believe you can't do in any pre-MW3 game (i'm waiting for it to come). You need to have a stinger instead of a rpg, you can change that. Need to use mortars instead of claymore, you can change that. Battlefield 3 multiplayer is amazing and stands up well to nay CoD game.

Battlefield has lived up the hype, it is a great game. I really enjoy it, specially the MP. I will be enjoying this game for many months. As for it being better than Modern warfare 3? Well I'll have to wait for MW3 to come my way.

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