Nov 25, 2010

From the Pile: Thanksgiving edition special: JLA/JSA Virtue and Vice

It's Thanksgiving, the day in the year where the JLA and the JSA get together to have some turkey. What could go wrong? Well, the 7 deadly sins could come and take over the minds of 7 heroes.Also Johnny Sorrow could come back and raise hell.Not to mention, a demon could come and take over the presidents body. all this and more happens in the crossover epic JLA/JSA Virtue and Vice by David Goyer and Geff Johns, the great writing team of JSA fame.The story is great , never lost interest one bit.Plus it's always good to see the two teams joining forces outside of a big DC event. The twist do get to be too much at times, but I can live with that. Great art, done by JSA artist Carlos Paceco. So this Thanksgiving, why not read this this book, because it's the only Thanksgiving comic book story that I know of.

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