Feb 6, 2012

Taking a look at the Super Bowl Movie Trailers

This Years Super Bowl ads, well they were weak, but the movies trailers seemed to be the best out of the bunch, lets take a look at a few of them.

Battleship.....maybe some toys are not good candidate for a movie. This trailer has put me off, well at least till, it comes out on DVD. By the way, they are making a Monopoly movie, I bet that will win an oscar.

I really haven't been paying attention to John Carter till this trailer, now I need to read John Carter Of Mars. Great trailer, and great use of Led Zeplin's "Kasmir"

G.I. Joe Retaliation has made me do 2 things. 1, want to see this G.I. Joe Movie 2. request the first G.I. Joe movie from the library. I wonder how the Rock and Bruce Willis on screen chemistry is going to work out?

With the new Batman and Spider-Man movies absent, The Avengers was the sole Hero Movie trailer in the bunch, and is the best one out of all the trailers this year. This movie is going to be amazing. I wonder if the hulk is going to be the same hulk that will be in the new hulk TV show this fall? Would be great if it was.

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