Apr 1, 2012

Thoughts On the Battlefield 3 Patch

The Big Battlefield 3 patch has been released for PS3 and PC users last week, and everyone seems to have an option about it. Some love, many seem to be pissed about it. Me? I like it but do have some things I don't like. I have notice much gameplay wise, I really don't pay that much attention to the guns and the way they handle. I did notice the F2000 was not the same, I'm going to take the suppressor off to see if that helps before i go switching guns. I do notice the amount of USAS user have greatly dropped. And the new map look is great. I do not like that claymores now go away  after you die, causing me from stopping using them altogether other than just using them on some maps. I don't care much for the new substitution business, a new way for EA to get more money. EA should give me the $14 for unlocking all the items for the classes I have done that with. And finally the rent-a-sever, I have mixed feelings over it. One, it's is a great thing to have on a console, you can just have a game with you best buds, although you gotta pay for it. But DICE has messed up how to make your sever private (check out the video below to see how to make it private). Also you can get dropped into via quick match a sever where the renter does not want you there and get kicked, this can be fixed with a "join EA/DICE severs only" option on quick match. Some of the non-EA/DICE severs are great, with tickets going into the 1000's. So with the build up and what seems forever for it to be released, the patch in the over all is great, yet with a few missteps. Battlefield 3 has greatly benefited because of it.

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