Apr 14, 2013

The Top 5 Gaming News of the Week 4/8 - 4/13

From new games, to why a new console really has always online, let's take a look at what made new last week.

5. Level-5, developer of Ni no Kuni is working on a PS4 game

Level-5, maker of Ni no Kuni, Professor Layton, and one of my favorite PS2 games Dark Cloud, is working on a PS4 game. My hopes that's it's a new Dark Cloud  I loved the first wan wish Sony would put on PSN's PS2 Classics, or a HD update.

4. Microsoft Fires Adam Orth Over Twitter Triad

Microsoft fired Creative Director Adam Orth last Wednesday over his famous "Deal With It" Twitter triad. Wonder how he's dealing with it now?

3. The Possible Reason Why The Next Xbox Will Require An Always On Connection

The real reason why the next Xbox will require an always on connection may have nothing to do with gaming  The next Xbox could connect to a cable box or broadcast TV signals and make you TV more interactive. While I do like the sound of that( This could mean the Next Xbox could have DVR capabilities , the possibility of having consent notification of Xbox live friends coming online while I'm watching TV will get old fast.  

2. EA Games named "Worst Company In America" 2nd year in a row

EA games once again has become the worst company in america yet again. I'm sure this whole Sim City mess did help them any. I really hope EA works on fixing this because there are surely a better (in this case, a worse) company that deserves this title. 

1. Batman Arkham Origins coming in October

Gameinformer magazine announced on their May cover that Batman Arkham Origins is coming on October 25 to Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The big  shocker that the game is being developed by WB Montreal not Rockstudy.  I love the last two Batman Arkham games and I hope WB Montreal does not let us down. 


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