Apr 7, 2013

Top 5 Gaming News Of The Week

5. Borderlands 2 Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack released
GearBox released the Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack this week. Along with a third playthrough for everyone, a level cap and more rare loot was also released. The pack is $5 unless you have the season pass. I have not gotten to play UVHM much, but more of what In think is to come.

4. TU9 released a day early
4J studios released the much waited for Minecraft 360 a day early this week. The End has arrived along with bug fixes...and new bugs too. 

3. EA COO says We're Not that bad
With EA in the running for "Worst Company in America" again, EA COO Peter Moore is on damage control  and trying to win the CEO job. If I was EA, I hire outside of the company, because the ones running are sure doing a bang up job *cough*

2. New Pokemon Revealed
Last on Pokemon Smash, a Japaneses TV show , A new MewTwo, or MewThree was revealed to the world. The new pokemon will be in the first 3D pokemon games Pokemon X and Y

1. Next Xbox "Always On-Gate" continues with a employee making an ass of himself on twitter 
Rumors of the next xbox requiring a consent internet connection and the debate it sparked goes on, with Microsoft Studio's Creative Director making an ass of himself on twitter. Microsoft apologized  yet gave no official word on always on, which I hope the reconsider seeing how high speed internet is as wide spread as Microsoft thinks it is.

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