Nov 24, 2010

From the Pile: The Amazing Spider-Man The Gauntlet: The Lizard.

If you have not been following the Gauntlet storyline, you've been missing of of the best spider-man story lines in recent memory. Out of all the stories of the gauntlet, this is the best. It doesn't get boring at the end like some of the other stories in the gauntlet. The Lizard story is the best spidey story in recent memory.

"Shed" is a tale of the end of Dr.Conners,(aka the lizard) dear friend of Peter Parker and spider-man. He's working for a man(who's a dick) mostly lab work. He's trying to find a way like always to get rid if the lizard in side of him once and for all. But getting push by his boss releases the lizard, and the boss becomes lizard chow.The Lizard is more lizard like the ever before. And with the meddling of the Kravinoffs, the Lizard is here to stay.I'm Not tell how it ends, but the events will be felt in many spidey books in the future

The story is great, a well written spider-man story. Zeb Wells did a great job. As I said before, this is the best story from the Gauntlet story line. Plus, the lizard origin mini story was interesting, much better than the other gauntlet origin stories that I've read. The art  was great, the new look lizard was done well, and the scene were the lizard eats the boss, looked great. I highly recommend this book to any comic book fan, even those old spidey fans who stopped reading ASM. I can't wait to get my hands on grim hunt.

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