Nov 10, 2010

Kinect with problems…. Is still that great?

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It’s been about a week that Kinect has been out and reports about problems with the “no-controller” controller have filled the net. Do these problems hurt Kinect in any bad way? Or they just expected? Let’s look at some of the problems:
Not able to detect dark skin people:
OMG MY KINECT IS A RACIST!!! Well no… it’s not. Kinect has a problem with detecting dark skinned people because you don’t have enough light in your room. It’s just like any other device with a camera, it need light. Turn on some lights in the room, or bring some in.
Picking up conversations when you don’t want it to.
So your buddies herd you wife bitch at you while playing CoD Black Opps, well don’t use your Kinect as a MIC for Xbox live. All you have to is change the settings so your kinect will not be used as a Mic in those, non-kinect games.
My body hurts during and after playing kinect:
It’s called exercise, and you must need it. What do you expect with a “no-controller” controller. It’s a benefit that you should use more often.
Finally, I played Kinect naked now there are nude pics of me on my Xbox:
The simple solution is to not play kinect naked, but if you do, just go to the memory management tool and delete that games data.
None of these problems really hurt Kinect, all are easily fixable. Kinect has impressed many and is the next step into the future of gaming, even computers. Kinect will be around for a while, and so will these problems

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