Dec 10, 2010

From the pile: Siege Battlefield

Siege: Battlefield
Siege battlefield collects the series of one-shots that happen between siege #3 and #4. Loki, spider-man (including Ms.Marvel), Captain america (or Captain Americans),young avengers, and secret warriors are the books in this collection. There is only 2 good books in my opinion, spider-man and secret warriors.  The others I just did not like of could get into the story. Spider-man had a great story involving Venom and Ms.Marvel. Venom taking over Ms.Marvel was great, and also kinds revealing. Secret warriors was good too. It deals with Aries son, dealing with his death(you remember, The sentry turned him in to hamburger meat). His son pissed at the government and takes it out on a bunch of secret service agents while visiting the president. After kicking ass, he leaves the president a note. What about the other stories? Had no idea what has going on in Loki, got bored with Capitan America, and I never liked the young avengers. I recommend that you get the one-shots of Siege: Spider-man and Siege: Secret Warriors, and just skip Siege Battlefield.

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