Dec 21, 2010

DC Universe online is comming on January 11

On January the 11, you will be able to take you own idea for a hero or villain, and save some lives , or raise hell in DC Universe online. Today the release date was released. North America will get it on the 11th, Europe will get it 3 days later on the 14th (probably because all the snow , plus they have no snow plows). The game will cost $50 for PC and $60 for PS3 with 30 days free then a $15 monthly fee. I expect that many will disregard the $10 price difference and get the PS3 version, easier than updating your PC. There is a $100 collectors edition than hardcore DC fanboys will nab up. I also expect that many Marvel fans will make Marvel hero rips off in the DCU, Be prepared to see many "Spider-Man" and "Captain America" look a likes. So are you going to join in on the hero  vs villain mayhem in DC Universe online?

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