Dec 25, 2010

From the pile Christmas special: JSA #55 (from JSA princes of darkness)

It's Christmas day, and somewhere wildcat, hawkman, and golden age flash and green lantern are heading to New Hampshire to visit golden age red tornado, who is dressed up as Santa Claus at a department store, and is an old lady. What happens? the store gets robbed by Santa mask wearing punks.... Big mistake. After the JSA takes care of most of the punks, Ma kicks the one straggler punk's ass.I like it when the JSA brings in the former members of the golden age, and showing what they use to look like. Red Tornado a pot wearing fighting mama is great and ends up joining the team as the cook. This story is the JSA book princes of darkness(also great, give it a read). seeing how ma taking care of the team at the HQ is nice to see. I have fallen in love with the JSA, and plan on reading the All star comics archives at the library, with some libraries in have.
Have a merry and geeky Christmas!

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