Jan 14, 2011

From the pile: Spider-Man Grim Hunt

Spider-Man: The Grim Hunt
   The Gauntlet has ended, now it's time for the Kraven's hunt, but why do they want to hunt your friendly neighborhood spider-man? Grim Hunt is a great story, brining out characters we have not seen for awhile. Arachane, a spider-girl I never hear of, madam web, and Kain 1 of spidey's clones. All the hunting of spiders leads up to two things, The return of Kraven the Hunter, and black suit spider-man, and ass we all know...
Black Suit Spider-man = badass
There's "deaths" in this book, I won't say who, but you know comicbooks, they are never truly dead. Also a berths, a new spider-girl, and a new possible foe.Grim Hunt is a must read for any comicbook fan.

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