Jan 19, 2011

From the pile: Superman Earth One

Superman: Earth One
 Well it looks like another Superman Origin story, something DC likes to do what seems every year. What makes J.Michael Straczyski's origin story so different? Well a few things, yea a young 20 Clark Kent has been done, young Louis and Jimmy been done too. One thing different is that Clark trys out many jobs before going to the daily planet, and is good at every signal one. The villain in the story in not Luthor, a change from other origin stories, matter of fact, there is no Luthor at all. JMS even change the way Krypton is destroyed, having it blown up to stop a war. I know the hardcore superman fans are pissed at JMS for that (join the club, many spidey fans are still pissed at JMS for OMD). Overall the book is so so, wroth checking out for casual fans.

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