Jan 17, 2011

From the pile: Superman Speeding Bullets

Superman: Speeding Bullets TPB
   What if superman fell to earth, and was discovered by the Waynes? Would he become Batman? Superman Speeding Bullets has the answers.A very great look if Bruce Wayne was really Kal-el. His life is pretty much the same, except he gets shot by Joe Chill, then Bruce kills Joe with a burst of heat vision (it was an accident). Lois Lane is in here, and yes, they hook up. Both Luthor and The Joker are here as well, they're the same person. Seeing a fat Luthor/Joker seems wrong to me. The one problem I have with the book that's too short, I would have loved to see more charcter and what their lives are in this world. I recommend this book, a great read and alternative take on superman and batman.

1 comment:

  1. Does it read a bit like the old Marvel "WHAT IF" series?

    It's a fascinating idea, and it sounds like something I'd love to read too. Thanks for the review