Mar 4, 2011

From the pile: JSA Black Adam & Isis

Justice Society of America: Black Adam and Isis (Jsa (Justice Society of America) (Graphic Novels))
 The Geoff Johns era of JSA has come to an end, and in a great way. Black Adam and Isis is a great conclusion to a run that is consider one of Johns best, and I have grown to love more with every signal book. Lets take a look at this one.

   Black Adam and Isis takes place between the time of Final Crisis and Blackest Night.  We begin with Black Adam on his hunt for Isis (actually, it's began with hawkman getting kicked out of the JSA, but what else is new). He finds her and Felix Faust, and Faust payment for keeping Isis is getting his junk ripped off. The lovely couple then goes and vist Caption Marvel, who is now the wizard shazam (i missed how that happened, he has a white rope even the long white hair).They zap his powers away and send billy back to Fawcett City. Billy makes an call to his old pals at the JSA, who only know him (except star) as captain marvel(I hope jay regrets what he did to billy and star). After getting a review on how the whole marvel family got there powers, the JSA arrive at the rock and the battle begins. Billy and star get separated then start to get reacquainted when evil Mary Marvel (who I call emo Mary marvel) appears and takes out Star. The emo Mary forces billy to become emo billy marvel. The battle moves on to Black Adam's home land, the Isis looses it killing her subjects for more power.  With the help of Billy's dad spirit, the wizard SHAZAM returns and he's pissed. He turns Adam and Isis in to stone and takes back all the power from the marvels.
The next story is about one of my favorite JSA members, StarGirl. It's her birthday, and the whole team is there. Great story showing how the JSA is like a family and hoe important start is to the team. The next story is a battle of a old WWII  foe's spirit and the first appearance of Crispus Allen's (of Gotham Central fame) The Specter. At the end, another man is told to stay out of star's life.

   The Geoff Johns run of JSA is a must read, one of the greatest runs I've ever read. All are great stories, some I reviewed here. Not only is this book a must read, but the entire run is. Find the books today!


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