Mar 16, 2011

From The Pile: Wonder Woman Second Genesis

Wonder Woman: Second Genesis
 It's a nice summer's night in Gateway City and Wonder Woman is on patrol. She's about to stop a fight between a gang a the police, what she discovers there is just the start of a great tale.  Wonder Woman Second Genesis by John Byrne is a great book and the best wonder woman that I've read (which including this would be two so far).
    It begins with Diana noticing the weapons the gang has is too advance for them. Along with a cop, the good to a bar and a fight breaks out, after the discover a hidden room and find out who is the weapons suppler.... DARKSIED! After getting captured, then escaping they find themselves out of this world on Apokolkips. A talk with Metrocon, a Revelation is made, the same power that created New Geneisis and Apokolkips(note read Jack Kirby's New Gods) had gave the Greek god their power, and Darksied wants it find them and take it. He invades Paradice Island, leveling it after not finding then gods. Diana is distraught not only over the death of here sisters, but her mother has also disappeared.

Along with the Second Genesis storyline is a great second story. There is also a b-story with Morgan Le Fey that goes nowhere is this book. Second Genesis is great, but it does jumps around a bit too much. Great work by John Byne too, I recommend this book as a great read.


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