Apr 9, 2011

What the wii 2 should have

At E3 this year, Nintendo is supposedly going to announce the Wii 2. Will sales have been affected by the Kincet and Move releases, also due to the new motions controllers, Gamers are not even touching there wiiis (or so I’ve heard) So the big N is going to make a new system earlier than it’s competitors. What should this new console have? Will Nintendo make the mistakes like no HD this time? Here what I want in the wii 2.

Hard Drve

This is a no brainier, but for Nintendo, they would easy pass it. Memory cards for consoles are dead. HDDs are here to stay, and Nintendo better put one in wii 2. Along with a HDD, Nintendo should start a media service like Live and PSN has. They could even push it more and include DVR capabilities. And would it be that hard to add DVD playing in?

High Def

It’s they way games are being played, and developed in. Nintendo treated HD like it did online before, now it’s time to embrace HD Nintendo, Mario need to head into the HD light.


You can keep the wiimotes, or go contollerless vie Kinect, but you must have a regular controller to play non-motion controlled games. It’ll bring more games to the system (that and a HD) that was passed over during the wii 1 reign. Nintendo could even revolution the controller again and introduce the first touchscreen controller to the world

No more Friend Codes

Admit it, you hate them, and you and many more would love to see them go. Nintendo should go the way of Live or PSN, but sadly with the 3DS having the codes, the friend code will not die.

Those were some of the thing I think the Wii 2 should have. I’m sure Wii 2 will not have some of the features mentioned. It could even have some not mention or even seen before. What do you want the Wii 2 to have?

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