Apr 1, 2011

Pokemon Black: the first 34 hours

  It's here! Pokemon Black and White, the latest Pokemon games have arrived and like many of you, I'm addicted. I got the black version (chosen because black is my favorite color). So what is the difference in this game than the other versions? Well the graphics for one. It's the best in the series, don't believe me, go across the skyarrow bridge, see Caselia city (pic above), see the Driftviel Drawbridge close, hell see the intro to the game and tell me the graphics are crap. I do have a problem with how my Pokemon are a little pixelated in battle. I also don't like how the X button is now the start button, but I've gotten use to it now. Talking about Pokemon, the new ones look like items, Klink looks like gears, litwik a candle, and Vanillite a ice cream cone. Plus they are all new till you get the national pokedex. No evolution add-on like the last game. Battle wise, Rotation battles seem fun, only been in 2 so far. Now when your Pokemon get poisoned, they only lose health in battle, not when you are walking, and old RPG standard. I haven't token the game online yet, but will soon. As of this writing, I'm training a team to take on the Mistral City gym leader. Pain in the ass levling up your team, but that's what playing Pokemon is all about. I can't wait to beat the gym leaders, the elite 4, the Pokemon champ, and get the national pokedex to transfer my pokemon from platinum. I love this game!!!

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