Apr 20, 2011

From The Pile floppy edition: Amazing Spider-man Annual #38 Identity wars part 1

What if Spider-Man was a Batman rip off? Well is ASM annual #38 he is, well a spidey in a parallel universe is. Spider-Man, Deadpool, and the Hulk (insert walking into a bar joke here) all get transported to another world, where peter parker is rich, and is the amazing spider, deadpool is deathwish, and you don't see the hulk's "other".
The Amazing Spider!
So, How much of a rip of Batman The Amazing Spider is? He's rich, has a tech company, and oh HAS A CAVE WITH A BATMOBILE IN IT! The writers should have known Peter better, he should have freaked out when he sees Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben Alive.This Book is continued in DeadPool annual #1 (next month) and concluded in Incredible Hulks annual #1(June). I have not decide if I'm getting them yet. ASM annual #38 is a trade wait. I've seen the "parallel world"dance many times and this one is not so great.


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