May 12, 2011

From the pile: Amazing Spider-man and Green lantern/flashpoint Free Comic Book Day reviews.

Last Saturday was Free Comic book day, and it was my first! My local comicbook store (which is not so local, it's about 50 miles away from my home and this was first visit to it) I was only allowed two free books so I picked FCBD Edition of The Amazing Spider-Man and Green Lantern/Flashpoint. 

FCBD The Amazing Spider-Man: The Way of the spider starts with something all spidey fans may have wanted to see, Spider-Woman (Jessica, the red with a yellow arrow pointing to her crouch one). She is being controlled by The Mandrill, and baboon with human characteristics, you know the typical; talking evil ape that’s in comics. After so quick thinking by spidey, both spiders kick mandrill’s ass, followed by spidey saying “I’M AN AVENGER” to get out of trouble, but it doesn’t work on the hot dog cart guy, no free hot dog for spidey., The whole time the battle was going on, they was being watched by the new madam web and sang-chi, who wants to train spidey due to his lack of spidey sense now, sucks at fighting.  FCBD ASM  was great; Dan Slott did a great job with this. Art wise… well I never been a fan of Ramos’s work. Marvel did this right by not making this a preview book and made an attempt to get new readers to ASM, their best book right now. Now on to FCBD Green Lantern/Flashpoint

What to say about Green Lantern/Flashpoint? Well the first word in my head is disappointment. All DC did was put out a reprint of GL secret origin #1, and a brief flashpoint preview, which was the only reason to get the book. While it did want to get the trade of GL secret origin when it comes out, this was lazy in DC’s part. I know it has just hype for the Green Lantern Movie, but they should have come up with a new one shot like Marvel did. It was the day to bring new readers into comics, while it may have done it, it could have been done better.

I had a great time at my local Free Comic Book Day. In a way, I fulfilled a promise by my mom who wanted to take me last year but due to cars problems could not go. I also found out that there a comicbook convention in the same area in July. FCBD is one of the greatest geek holydays in the year, you go to it next year if you have never been, you’ll love it!

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