May 30, 2011

Two Big Name Microsoft Game Franchises Rumored to have reveals at E3

Microsoft is rumored to have to big reveals for 2 of its biggest franchisees, Halo and Gears of war. One is a HD remake, the other is a new kinect game.

Halo HD, a remake of Halo Combat Evolved, which has been in the rumor mill since November may make a reveal at E3. Why a remake? Mricosoft wants to ease the new dev into the hearts of Halo Loyalist, why not use a remake of the game that started it all. Plus some gamers, like me, never got to play the first halo, we were too into our PS2s. I hope this is not a XBLA download, other wise I'll be going back to my plan of getting the original for xbox or PC.
Gears of War: Exile, a kinect rail games which has also be in the rumor mill, is also may make it's first viewing at E3. This would be great for the lacking Kinect games department, in both causal and much need hardcore games. I hope the release a gun accessory with it, just using or hand to shoot doesn't seem right, it would just take a update to Kincet's software. I assume the game will feature different characters that are not from the main gears games.

Both these games will make a big splash at E3 if the rumors are true. Lets Hope they are.

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