May 19, 2011

From The Pile, Floppy Edition X 3: The Flash #11, Fear Itself Spider-Man #1, & Deadpool Annual #1

Let's get started with Flash #11 

The Flash #11 by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins
Won't say much about flash #11, not because it was bad, I just don't like jump into the middle of a story, special this one which seems great, which is has to be because it's setting up Flashpoint. You gotta admit, with one of the flashes appearing to die again and the return of a flash villain, is kinda cool. I would check this book out if you're interested in flashpoint. On to the next book....

Fear Itself Spider-Man #1 by Chris Yost, Mike McKone, and Jeromy Cox

I was originally planing on trade waiting Fear Itself and it's accompanying story-lines , but decided to see who spidey is dealing with this latest Marvel Crisis. I like the views on three different peoples effects on whats happening in the Marvel world (I think sin red skull and the Asgard god of fear are cooking up something). It shows the s many hours after “The Fear” what they are doing. Spidey even saves one, something I think we will see in the other 2 books. How's spidey handling it? Great...for him. After trying to call aunt may, he punches and breaks a brick chimney. At the end, he runs into Vermin, and after being the Kraven's pet rat, I bet he's pissed. I like Fear Itself Spider-Man and may get the other 2 books in the series. Now on to the last book....

Deadpool Annual #1, Part 2 of Identity Wars (see review of part one here) By John Layman, Juan Doe, and Fabio D'Aurio

In DeadPool's visit to this other world, where spider-man is a batman ripoff, He meets his doppelganger, DeathWish, and they his it off. They have a gay old time( no that kind of gay), until he finds out the DeathWish doesn't have a healing factor the hard way. DeathWish gets killed by DeathMask, the Doctor Doom Of this world. What does DeadPool do next, what he does best, killing. I like this story, much better than the spider-Man story. We also get a look at what the hulk of this world looks like at the end. I may get the last book of this storyline, because the deadpool arc has pulled me in more


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