Jun 27, 2011

From The Pile: Marvels

Marvels, the great heroes of the marvel universe, we known and loved them from many years, but what about those without powers, you everyday person who lives in this world, and gets saved by these heroes? Well Marvels by the well-known team of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross follows Phil Sheldon, a reporter as he lives though the many events that happened in the marvel universe. The battle with Namor and the original human torch (did you know that there was two human torches? I did, they even have a great origin story for him.), the rise of the mutants, the arrival of the silver suffer and Galactus, and the death of Gwen Stacy. Reading Marvel reminded me of reading the astro city books, also written by Busiek (with covers done by Ross). This was a great take on the marvel universe, seeing it through the eyes of someone living in it when all hell breaks loose is interesting, never lost any interest in the story. As for the art, I like Alex Ross’s covers, but never quite got into his art beyond that. Marvel is a great take on the marvel universe and is a must read for any Marvel Fan.

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