Jun 8, 2011

Wii U, the next gen console war has begun!

The Nintendo Wii U was revealed to the world yesterday, & the gaming public was amazed. The wii U features a screen on the controller. It is 6.2 in 16:9 (yea HD, most likely 720p), dual analog stick a,b, x,y, lb,rb, and zl/zr buttons. A stylus, rumble features, motion controls, and a power button.Wii games, controllers, and accessories will work with wii u. Wii u will have built in flash memory, but you can add more via SD cards or a USB hard drive via the 4 usb 2.0 slots. Game wise a mario game was featured and a new super smash bros was said to come to the system. You can transfer the game you're playing from the tv to the touch pad, lets not hope that many company make the the only trick it can do. Wii U will come some time in 2012, hope fully before the end of the world.

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