Apr 30, 2012

The Walking Dead game EP 1-a new day (ps3 version) review

The Walking Dead, the popular zombie apocalypse comic book now has a game based off it. I case you don’t know what the walking dead is about, it follows the lives of a band of survivors as they make their way across the country now riddled with zombies and other survivors, losing and gain more people with every “HOLY SHIT” moment that comes. The game follows this formula. As Lee Everat, you on your way to jail, till the zombie apocalypse provides you with the greatest get out of jail free card ever.  Along the way you meet others and gain a little girl as your main companion as you know survive in this new world.

The game is played much like an adventure game. The left stick is used to move and the right to look/interactions. The different buttons offer different interactions, like X being the action button, or the triangle being an observation button. The meat of the game is the interactions with other survivors. Gaining their trust or losing it will affect you even after the first episode. You also have a time limit to make your choices, removing any thinking on your part and going with your gut more often. Then there’s the “HOLY SHIT BAD STUFF IS GOING DOWN” moments that the walking dead is very well known for, where you gotta make a split decision NOW, and it come back to bite you in the ass later.

The look of this game is just like the comic book, except in color. I can even forgive Tellatale Games for some pixilation in the background. The Walking Dead game is not to be missed by any walking dead fan. For $5, is very a very good cheap download. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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