Jun 5, 2012

My picks for the best of E3 2012 Day 1

E3 2012 is in full swing, many great things were introduced into the world yesterday, like xbox smartglass and sony's wonderbook. Here are my picks for the best of Monday, starting with the game that stole the show, ubisoft's watch_dogs:

 My next pick is Playstaion-All starts Battle Royale

next pick is gear of war judgement:

the next pick is the last of us

my next pick is south park: the stick of truth:

And finally my last pick is Halo 4

Watch_Dogs is so far my pick for best surprise and game at this years E3 so far. Not impressed with Microsoft's entertainment offers, I'm passing on IE on xbox. And wonderbook does not appeal to me at all. Looking forward to Nintendo press conference today.

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