Jun 27, 2012

40 years of Atari Goodness

40 years ago today, Atari was born. Forever it will be known as the father of modern gaming. Atari had its high, then its low, but it’s still around even though it no longer makes consoles, it still makes games and celebrates its past ones.

I’m going to focus on my experience with the Atari 2600, my very first gaming console. It was pasted down to me by my grandmother and my mother played it with her sisters and brother when she was young. Also at the time the one dollar store was selling new 2600 games. In the pic above are a section of the games I have.  I loved q*bert, pole position, joust, crystal castles, ms.pac-man, jr pac-man (which to me is the best pac-man game ever), and Solaris. Also other2600 games I liked but do not have was Mario bros and endure, which I completed. My Atari 2600 no longer works, which is sad because I would play these games over and over again. They are not like today’s games, where it takes 6hrs and you beat it, these games make you work for it, and the only goal was to get to the next level and survive

Why no celebrate today by finding a flash version of an old Atari game and play it. Get a feeling for what gaming was like. Here’s to another 40 years Atari.

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