Jul 25, 2011

Analyzing the Halo Anniversary gameplay trailer

Millions of Halo fans, both old and new, are looking forward to Halo Anniversary, but will it hold up to today's games, and will they mess up the graphics upgrade let's take a look.

Gameplay looks like the same halo style, should keep the fans happy. Graphics looks great, very well done, but will have to play it to see how good they really are. Now classic mode is a great idea, i never got to play the first halo and i'm sure i will be playing in classic mode for at lest one play through. I'm sure there will be a achievement for playing the whole game in classic mode.  Halo Anniversary looks great, it seems 343 is doing a good job so far, but how they will Handel the Halo series? I'm waiting for Halo 4 to make my judgment on 343 on the front.


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