Jul 27, 2011

New toys for your Xbox 360 coming this fall

This fall, Microsoft will be releasing 2 new toys to use with your 360, a new headset and a new media remote, first lets look at the remote.

It is just like all the other 360 remotes out on the market now, except this remote has been design to work with the 360's soon to be TV service which we don't when it's coming, but probably the same time the remote comes out, early November. The $20 price tag seems good, but I'm wondering if it will work with older 360's?
The $60 Xbox 360 Bluetooth headset comes out the same time as the remote, and it does everything any Bluetooth headset does, works on both phones and PC, along with working on you 360 with any kind of add on, so why spend $60 on this when you can get one for $20 and just keep on using you old 360 headset? Windows Phone 7. I can see Microsoft enabling Xbox live  chat though Windows Phone 7 to other Xbox live users on both console and WP7 users, by using their head set only. Will that happen? we;ll have to wait till November to see if it's true.

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