Jul 13, 2011

CivWorld, quite possibly the best Facebook Game out there

Sid Meir's CivWorld has arrived on Facebook, and it is one pretty nice game. You control one town in a country (you get to pick which country you want to be in or just stay independent), and as in other Civ games, the main goal is to rule the world. This is not your normal FB game where you spam you friends to giver in game crap, you only send word of you achievements and invites. And it's just not an few people you play with, you are playing with over 100 people as you all strive for that one goal. In your town you have people of course, and they have jobs. Farmers make food, which increases population, workers that make production, which allows you to build stuff, scientist that make science which allows for more technology, artist that make culture, which makes great people that help make wonders, and merchants that make gold.

Game play is simple yet can seem complicated at first, by making you workers happy(which you do by build special  building, putting their home next to the sea/forest and those building) you get more stuff from them. And who do you get that stuff, by using your harvest. The number of harvest depends on how many you store, horde your harvest, get less of them, you more, you get your harvest faster.Now lets take a look at what you use the stuff you workers make for.

this is the production menu, this is where you use you production points on building and army units. Oh battles are set up like a card game, the more units you have, the stronger they are. My nation was not in battle so I could not get any pics of one.

here's the tech tree, where you put your science points to work, along with the rest of the players in your nation.
With culture, when you gain enough of it, you earn a great person, which you use to help you nation build wonders.

Here's the marketplace, a stock market like place you spend your gold. You can buy/sell food, production, science, and culture, even great people and army units. You can even also buy items like marble and silk, which are  treated like stocks, buy low and sell high.
There are three mini games in civworld, the maze, picture puzzle, the the market road. With the science and culture games, the more you produce, the more moves you get. With the market game, finish the road by using the least amount of road tiles, the more gold you get. Unlike the other two mini games, you can play the market game every ten minutes, but it will be for less gold.
the meat of civworld is working with the other players inn you nation, you have to coordinate with them if you want to win the current era. You have to tell  (well more like suggest) what wonders to work on, which science to focus on, and building up the army. You can hold cabinet  positions for completing task. You can even hold votes on what you countries social policies are and to start wars with other nations.

CivWorld is a great additive game for any civilization fan or strategy game fan out there. Right now the game is having problems logging you into a game, but if stick to it you can get in, and they are working on it. CivWorld is a must try for those who don't like the tradition Facebook game model, go play it today.

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