Jul 2, 2011

LA Noire (360) review , 1940's LA is just a dirty as today

L.A. Noire

It's 1940's Los Angeles California,  World War II is over, an america is just about to prosper again. The town is full of glitz, glamour, famous pepole, war vets, cars, drugs, corruption, and lady killers. As Cole Phelps, it's you job to keep the order in this crazy town. Let's take a look at LA Noire.

Like I said, You're Cole Phelps, a ex-marine, sliver star award wining rising star of the LAPD. You begin as a patrol man, wanting to rise the ranks. You get your big break and become a detective, a work the traffic, arson  homicide ,and vice (which is short for advice). Along the way you meet noisy neighbors, famous people, bad husband, drunk wives, Innocent childern, bad cops, old marine buddies, druged up jazz musicians, corupt businessmen, and serial killers. The game is story driven, Phelps past and current life is both woven into the plot. You see in flashbacks between cases of you marine days. Also there is are newspapers that help explain the background of the story.

Let's go into gameplay now. Gameplay comes down to two thing, Finding Clues at crime scenes and interrogation. When you arrive at a crime scene , or someone's home, you look for clues. Finding clues is easy, your controller vibrates and you hear a little chime when you walk past one, the trick is to find them. Not all clues are important, but if you want a five star rating on the case, you have to find them all. Once you find a clue, you move it around via the analog stick and find a mark that will move that case along. There also little puzzles you have to figure out to. One other clue finding technique is finding a name in document (like a hotel ledger) and get a suspect's name and address and other important info off it. Next is interrogation, which breaks down to 3 things: truth, doubt, and lie. After asking a question, look at the perp for signs the he or she is lying, usually not looking at you, or moving of the head. Pick doubt if you think they know more than they are saying, or if you have the prof, pick lie. Now interrogation can get hard, that whats intuition points are for. You get one every time you rank up. Use them to help you find clues, and in interrogations. This is when interrogations become "Who wants to become a millionaire". You can remove one of the choices, or as the social club, which show the percentages of who pick the three choices.

Other gamplay aspects are driving, shooting, and fighting. This is not GTA, unless you're chasing someone, you can't drive like a bat out of hell. Trying to roll a car in a chase can get hard, and you partner shooting out the guy's tire seems not to help. Shooting guns wise, don't expect any targeting or aiming help. Fighting is just block, punch, grapple, and finisher, nothing special. There are s40 side quest in the game, which you can do when you get the call over the radio. And like any other Rockstar game, there are a lot of hidden stuff to find.

Graphics in LA noire are great, the face technology is amaizing. You will recognize many actors in the game, many from Mad Men. Parkman from Heroes and John Noble of Fringe and LoTR fame are both in here. And LA is been done great in this game, real landmarks, and streets are in here.If you have little kids, I would keep them out of the room for some of the cases(most of the homicide cases) the gore in this game may be a little disturbing.  I also think the cars are real too, and some of the hidden cars are great and interesting as well, the three wheel one is my favorite.

LA Noire is great, but it's not for the usual rockstar game crowd, fans of PC adventure games will like this game (by the way, LA Noire is coming to PC this fall). Fans of crime shows and the Noire genre will also like it. LA Noire is a great game, but not for everyone.


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