Jan 5, 2012

The 5 games I would like to see be released for download

With so many classic games being released through online stores like Xbox live games market place, Playstaion store, steam, even good old games, an web site that sells old PC games, there are some that I would love to see be released for download. Recently one game that wanted to play for the longest time, Sonic CD, was released over Xbox live and PSN, hence the reason why I began to think of what other games I would love to be released.. I came up with these 5 games. (note: these games have may already been released for download, I may just not have notice yet)

Panzer Dragon (any of the games from the series)

I have always wanted to play a Panzer Dragon games, but I did not own a Sega Saturn or in the case of Panzer Dragon Orta, a Xbox. This game would make a great candidate for release for download, a HD remake or even a new title!

Metal Gear/Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

I have played both these games, and did not get very far in them. They are a part of Metal Gear history and have been inserted in to the Metal Gear canter. They even made a appearance in metal gear solid 2. I think metal gear fan would gobble these games up if made available for download.

Nights Into Dreams 

Yet again another Saturn game appears on the list. I have always wanted to play nights into dreams, and I've seem to have missed the Gamecube remake. I'm sure this will game will get many downloads

Mega Man Legends

As like most of the games on this list, I have always wanted to play this. Unlike most of the games on the list, I believe Mega Man Legends has the highest chance of being released for download vis PSN's PSone Classics. It would make up for Capcom's canceling that Mega Man legends game

Night Trap

Honestly.....i just want to play this just to send Dana Plato into a trap....

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