Jan 19, 2012

Will Mass Effect 3 be better with Kinect?

Yesterday EA and Bioware released a video showing how the Kinect works in Mass Effect 3. Voice commands are the main functionality for Kinect controls, no motion here. Team commands are the focus with Kinect controls, and looks like the best part. Telling you team to use attacks, move, and cover you with voice commands is much faster and better that using the menu. Even switching weapons is better and faster with voice commands. They do have "shoot" and "throw grenades" commands, which from my experience with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary , is completely worthless and better done with the controller. With no motion controls at all in Mass Effect 3, why use the Kinect at all, why not do it from the headset? I'm sure you use commands via the headset and it will work just fine, you can even extend that over to the PS3 players. It must be a Kinect software thing.

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