Jan 10, 2012

Kinect For Windows is coming Feb 1st, but will the price scare the groundhog the next day?

Last Night during Microsoft's final CES Keynote, Kinect for Windows was announced, along with it's launch date of February 1st. The problem? It's going to cost $249, more than a stand alone 360 kinect, and more than a packaged 360 + Kinect. Why do you have to pay more? Because Kinect for windows is more than use to play games with, it's more for unfun important adult stuff. At least you get development software and updates to the already releases Kinect SDK. So can you use your 360 Kinect on Windows? Nope, Microsoft says it an entirely different  licence, you know, those thing that make if illegal to copy software so your grandma can use word with out having to pay for it.  I wonder why Microsoft just make 360 kinect owners pay for the Kinect for windows licence? They just LOVE to bleed money from us, why no squeeze us some more. I predict that the licence will be made available for purchase for 360 kinect owners later on in the year. I also belive PC games will have kinect capabilities some time this year as well

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