Jan 19, 2012

Sonic CD (PS3) review

A Sonic the Hedgehog fan favorite has come to PSN (and XBLA), the 1993 classic has been called one of the best sonic games made and of of the hardest. Does this version with some add-on still hold up?

Sonic CD begins with a animated sequence from the old DIC cartoon, having an animated sequence was big for a game  back in '93. You don't how the story really starts out, you're out to stop Dr.Robotnik in one of his plans to turn the world into robots. For some reason, he's put up time gates for to to go forward and back in time, oh and a metal sonic steals amy, sonic's lady friend. Over all this is just a regular classic sonic games, run, doge or kill enemies, get at least 50 rings, and get the gem in the special stage. I didn't really find this hard at all till the end, though I did not try to get the gems or find the metal sonic statues. Time attack is great if like to go as fast as you can in a level. A bonus in this version is if you beat the game, you can replay it as tails, which is great but I wish they included knuckles as well. Also include is the English and Japaneses soundtracks, which is far superior ton the English one, only could stand it for 5 minutes. I wish it would let you make multiple save files for the same game you're playing, miss getting a gem, you have to restart the whole game. For $4.99 Sonic CD is a great download, special if like me, you never had a Sega CD. Sonic CD is a great classic that any hardcore sonic fan must play. 

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