Jan 30, 2011

My Mom

I don't talk about my personal life on the blog much, but I'm making an acceptation. Just over a week ago my mom left this earth suddenly. She had been sick, but showing signs that she was getting better. She was a amazing woman, taking care of me without my father and only a little support from my family. She supported me on anything I wanted to do, she would rarely say no to me. She would always get the game I wanted for my birthdays or holidays. I consider my self a second generation gamer; she was in to gamming before I was born. She grew up with an Atari 2600, which I would get eventually, and loved playing it. She would play the gamming systems that I have over the years from SNES to Xbox 360 she played them all. She was a great superman fan, even though she did not read the comics. She loved to watch the show smallville, she want to get the seasons on DVD. She also was a fan of Star Trek, and has seen every one of the Star Trek movies. She was a sci-fi fan in general. If there was a sci-fi show on TV she would watch it. I will great miss my mom; I hope she is all right where ever she is.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. :( It sounds like she was an amazing woman, and she brought you up with lots of love and support (and geekery) <3 My condolences.