Feb 1, 2011

A budget gamers review: Super Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter, the grandfather of the modern fighting game. At some point in a gamer life, they have played a SF game. My first like many others was street fighter 2 on SNES. Those were they days. But does Super Super Street Fighter IV live up to the legacy?
All of our favorite fighters are back! Peter, Louis, Meg, Chris, Brian, Stewie.... wait...... thats Family Guy. You know who they are, Ryu, Ken, M.Bison, Vega, Gulie, Chun-Li, Blanka, and Zangief (who's gay by the way, yea it's true capcom just decided one day to make him gay for some reason). With those and some new one added (like the characters from Final Fight) we get 35 fighters all together.

The game is in the classic 2d fighting gameplay, non of this 3D fighting. You on one side, the guy you're going to beat on the other. The fights locals are great, from hippos, drunks on the street, to a  worker that looks like Mario, all are great. Plus you get the classic bonus stages, the car crusher(which I'm good at) and the Barrel blaster (which I'm ok at). Need to work on you skills, there's training and trail modes, both good for leaning the moves(like super and ultra combos), but I find Vs mode is good at learning too.Want to take your skill online? There's three modes to do it in, plus with replays, you re-watch your great victories.

Even though I suck at fighting games, I still like them. SSFIV is a great game. yea you get pissed after losing to Seth 10 times in a row, but that's fighting games for ya. SSFIV has great modes, moves, intro and ending videos, looks great, and is good old fashion fighting. For under $20, a great way to get ready for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Pick it up today

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