Feb 11, 2011

RIP Guitar Hero

Activison along with the DJ hero and Tony Hawk Franchises, killed Guitar Hero this week due to it's lack of popularity. I once has crazy over Guitar Hero but like many, it went away, lets take a look back(well just the ones I own).


This was not my first GH, but I like the songs here better than GH2. My mom got this for me when I was away at school, ah college, having late night drunken guitar hero battles, good times.

Guitar Hero 2

The second thing I would but with my credit card and my first GH game. I had many a good time playing the game, even though my GH chops sucked, but they would get better. Good songs, considered the best by the gaming community.

Guitar Hero rocking the 80's

yea too be honest..... I only got this game to play Holy Diver. but still like it. Harmonix last GH game.

Guitar Hero 3

My first 360 game, Had many great battles on live and many drunken ones in my dorm too. This is where the series too a turn, no one  much liked the guitar battles.
Guitar Hero World Tour

Paid a $100 for it and got a crappy guitar, and with GH3, the guitar had a design flaw that fucked with the green button Had a good song list, but the graphics need an updated and add to much new features during song play that just took away from jamming out.
Guitar Hero Metallica

yea I'm a metallica fan, there for basis, but THIS IS THE BEST GUITAR HERO GAME EVER!!!!!!!

Guitar Hero 5

The last GH game that I would get, or may own. Try to reinvent the series with more non rock songs....... didn't help much.

So what are you guitar hero memories, leave a comment or share on the blogs's facebook page.

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  1. Drunken battles surely were a cultural norm. Great look back at GH. Just enough from the heart, and not too lengthy